It all started with our first schnauzer, and we were hooked on the breed.  What's not to love about a dog that is extremely loyal, doesn't shed (no more than humans, anyway), has no "doggy" odor, is highly intelligent and easily trainable?  After extended research, time, and money, my husband and I decided to start up our own breeding program.  I now have three titles- "mommy", "teacher", and "breeder". We are the proud owners of only a few dogs, and they are our pets first and foremost.  Deep South is comprised of both myself and a fellow teacher that I work with.  We each keep no more than four breeding females in our homes.  Each dog has been carefully selected based on conformation, coat quality, pedigree, and of course temperment. And because of our selective nature, we have been blessed with some incredible dogs!  They sleep with us, shower with us, and sometimes dine with us.  And while this may all sound a bit extreme and somewhat peculiar, "just wait" is all I can say.  Our dogs are fed Eagle Pack dry food along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurt; given daily supplements; walked regularly; are well socialized; treated monthly with K9 Advantix, and given the biannual Proheart injection in an effort to prevent heartworms.  In addition, we have a record of our males' DNA on file with the AKC.  Proof of parantage can gladly be provided at the buyer's cost.  Our bitches are not bred during every heat cycle, so litters may not always be available.  We will do our absolute best to ensure that you are able to purchase the pup of your choice.  We also offer a one year health guarantee against genetic diseases.  Dogs are sold with Limited AKC registration.  Breeders please contact me personally BEFORE sending any type of payment.  We have never and will never sell to pet stores/brokers or large scale breeders. Thank you for choosing Deep South Schnauzers!