Our New Waiting List Has Begun. Those Interested are Listed and Contacted in the Order in Which I am Notified. You Must ASK To Be Added; Otherwise, I Will Not Assume. To Be Added to Our Waiting List, Please Call (337-581-0609) or Email Us at deepsouthqs@gmail.com. Thank You for Your Continued Support!
Waiting List: (Updated Feb 17th)
 1.  Melissa S.
 2. Karen J.
 3. Ashley H.
 4. Joy J.- Male
 5. Alexia
 6. Olivia Breaux- Male
 7. Sadie Broussard- Male
 8. Brian Bristow- (12-14 lb Parti)
 9. Steven Lewis
10. Ryan Marie Green
11. Oona Finn- Female
12. Gerilynn Norris
13. Sandra Ledoux
14. Karen Sears- Adult Female
15. Terri Cleland
16. Tim Brundage
17. April Milton
18. Brandee Walters- Male
19. Valery Leblanc- Female
20. David and Krystal Andries
21. Robert and Nancy Pender
22. Angela Ezell
23. Jill Bailey
24. Summer Sciortino- Male
25. Ralph Wadleigh
26. Natalie Cimo- Female
27. Austin Pigg
28. George Guess
29. Barbara Skrmetta
30. Lauren Bertram
31. Shellie Jones
****If anything changes with the status of your request, please notify us immediately so that we may move others up on the list.  Thanks!

Please join our mailing list for information concerning future litters.
When you join our mailing list, please be sure to email us a current phone number, and specifically what you are looking for (color, sex, etc.) if you would like to be contacted. Thank you!